Susan Anderson Memorial Scholarship

If you wish to see a printed copy, you can download the application form here.

All correspondence to be emailed to the Scholarship Committee Chair at .

Application Deadline: May 20, 2022 at 12:00 noon

Name of Scholarship:


Purpose of Fund:

To award one scholarship to a deserving individual pursuing the Master’s Program in Information Studies at the University of Ottawa.

Value of Award: $5,000.00 (non renewable)

Frequency of Award: Annual

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Proof of acceptance in the Master’s Program in Information Studies at the University of Ottawa
  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship or Canadian Permanent Resident
  • Evidence of volunteerism/community service
  • Two letters of reference – see Instruction #1

Application Procedure:

The application form may be submitted online. All supporting documentation must be emailed to . If there are attached documents, they must be in pdf format.

The May Court Club of Ottawa Board of Directors’ decision is final.

Deadline for Application:

Online submission, and supporting documentation to be received in the mailbox of by May 20, 2022 no later than 12:00 noon.

No completed application will be accepted after this date.


  1. References direct from (2) referees to are required, describing the candidate’s activities and time commitment. One email letter should focus on volunteerism and community service and the second email letter should focus on work experience. These letters of reference should come by the Deadline date of May 20, 2022 from the referees’ mail boxes.
  1. The Committee assumes no responsibility for making inquiries beyond the papers submitted. Award of the Scholarship will be based on volunteerism, academic achievement, goals and personal qualities. The scholarship is not renewable. The acceptance of the scholarship implies an obligation on the part of the successful candidate to devote himself/herself to study or research as outlined in his/her application. The recipient is required to write an email letter of acceptance of the Scholarship within two weeks of receiving official notification by email from Proof of registration into the proposed program of study must be received before the first Scholarship payment is released.
  1. At the end of the first semester, the recipient of the May Court Club of Ottawa Scholarship is required to submit to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee the following:

~A report of your work reflecting the goals outlined in your letter of intent.

~A testimonial from the recipient of no more than 50 words on how this scholarship has benefited you for publication on the May Court Club’s website and newsletter.

~An academic supervisor/professor’s statement of the student’s progress and quality of work.

  1. The scholarship is payable in two equal installments. CRA requires a T4A to be issued for each payment. The first installment is payable in September, 2022. The second installment is payable in February, 2023 upon receipt by the Chair of the Scholarship Committee of the recipient’s report, the statement of satisfactory progress from the academic supervisor/professor and the recipient’s testimonial.
  1. The May Court Club of Ottawa should be recognized in the acknowledgments of any publications resulting from work done during the tenure of the award.
  1. Applications and supporting documents will not be returned to the applicant and become the sole property of the May Court Club of Ottawa. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. If there are no suitable applicants, the scholarship will not be awarded.



All documentation must be submitted electronically. The application can be submitted online, and supporting documentation, including email and any attached pdf documents, are to be sent to

Letter of Intent

Should include the following information and not exceed 500 words:

  • Your personal motivation for embarking on such work
  • A description of your goals following completion of your program
  • The answer to the following question, “Name three ways the May Court Club of Ottawa contributes to the local Ottawa community”.


Please include: A brief summary of volunteerism, professional work experience, teaching, research, publications, administration and other professional activities.

Other Documentation

Must Include :

Letters of reference – two required – see instruction #1.

Copy of letter of acceptance to your program (copy in pdf form).

Proof of Canadian Citizenship, e.g. birth certificate/passport. (copy in pdf form) OR Proof of Permanent Resident of Canada: Permanent Resident Card (copy in pdf form).

Signed Release Form (electronic signature on online registration form)

Notice: Should you be a successful applicant we will require your Social Insurance Number prior to issuing the first installment.



Applicant Information

Degree and Field of proposed study or research

Dean/Director/Chair of Program:

Note: The Committee will contact the Dean for a signature on receipt of this application.

Release Form

I give permission to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee to contact any/all reference writers for further information.

I  (if I am a recipient of the Scholarship) give permission to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee to publish my testimonial on the May Court Club’s website and newsletter.

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Please print this form for your records. as we have been experiencing occasional transmission errors.