The May Court Bargain Box

228 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa
Telephone: (613)235-0333
Tuesday – Friday: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday: 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

The shop takes cash only. Appropriate COVID-19 safety procedures are in place.

Office Hours

At this time, the May Court Club office is usually open Mondays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, but please call before going in. Safety protocols are in place.

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Community Projects

The May Court Club of Ottawa is involved in many community projects to which its volunteers devote many hours (almost 20,000 per year!) and to some it also provides necessary financial support.
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The May Court Club of Ottawa wishes to advise non-members who attend an activity or event sponsored by the Club, that photographs and or video recordings may be taken for the purpose of advertising or publicizing the Club. Thus it is an attendee’s responsibility to inform the Club if they do not wish to be included in either photographs or video recording.

May Court Hospice


In 1997, the May Court Club of Ottawa, faced with new provincial government regulations and escalating costs, made a very difficult decision and closed its Convalescent Home. As a much- valued institution in the community, it had provided service for women since 1916. The Club then set about to find a use for the facility in keeping with its mandate of service to others. After exploring several possibilities the May Court Club of Ottawa entered into a purchase of service agreement with the Hospice at All Saints. The Club had been involved with palliative care in Ottawa since the 1970’s when it established its Palliative Care Committee at the Riverside Hospital. The Club had also provided funding for three palliative care nurses over a period of three years, so this was a continuing, rather than a new, initiative for the Club. The May Court Hospice continues as a vital part of Hospice Care Ottawa. Rent-free accommodation and an annual grant to the Hospice are still part of the Club’s commitment.

Since 1999 this has proved to be a remarkably successful partnership for both parties. The May Court Club sees its facility used as an important part of its outreach to the community. Its members volunteer at the hospice reception desk, in administrative duties, and in its palliative care activities. The hospice is a serene and attractive home which provides compassionate care and support for individuals and their families.  All programs are provided at no charge thanks to many volunteers, generous donors and supporters.

The May Court Bargain Box

BargainBox Since 1970 the May Court Bargain Box has been selling second-hand clothing, footwear, linens, jewellery, decorative and household items – all “new to you” and all at very affordable prices. We rely solely on donations – sorry no consignments – and we are most grateful to all the generous donors who have helped us keep the store stocked for many years. Friendly and helpful May Court volunteers staff the shop and are always ready to assist our donors and customers who are all highly valued members of the Bargain Box community.

Thanks to our customers, who come from far and wide, and to our donors, the Bargain Box has already contributed over $1,000,000 to the May Court Club for its support to community charities including the May Court Hospice. The Bargain Box also provides assistance to others such as:

  • Clothing for Charity: a non-profit organization that takes lots of otherwise unusable donations.
  • Salvation Army 
  • New Canadians and Refugees: wherever the need is in any community.
  • AIDS Committee of Ottawa
  • Dalhousie Food Cupboard: we donate clothing.
  • Sandy Hill Community Health Centre: we collect inexpensive wallets and purses for their ID project, as well as sample size toiletries for their annual Sock Project Giveaway.
  • Student Placement: Students are encouraged to work towards their volunteer hours by volunteering for shifts at the Bargain Box’

Come to 228 Laurier Avenue, on the south side just east of King Edward Avenue, and explore our wide range of items that provide an inexpensive alternative to shoppers on a budget, to collectors and to discriminating buyers who are looking for name brands at affordable prices. A warm welcome awaits you!

The May Court Library (currently suspended due to COVID-19)

Established in 1925, the May Court Library serves the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital and the Heart Institute. It provides patients and staff with a broad range of books including large print editions and popular magazines.

Staffed by May Court volunteers, funded by the May Court Club, and supported by the donations from the community, the library offers bedside lending services, waiting room magazines, and a quiet reading room on the Service Level of the hospital.

The library needs donations of suitable material on an on-going basis. Please call us for more information about what we can use and how to donate: 613-798-5555 ext. 16717

The Library raises money to help cover its expenses by holding regular book sales. Please check the announcements on our home page to plan your next book-buying spree – at very reasonable prices!

Knitting and the Aberdeen Artisans Committee

Knitting has been part of the May Court Club from its inception, including knitting socks for service men during World War I! In the last few years the Club had donated more than 250 Blankets for Babies to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and continues to give Toques for Kids to Rogers House and Hats for Ladies and lap rugs for cancer patients.

A number of years ago, the Knitting Committee expanded and is now called the Aberdeen Artisans. This group meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month together with the Knitting Committee (see Community Service Reports). The meetings include workshops, demonstrations of a variety of hand crafted items (quilts, knitwear, cards, jewellery, etc.). These items are sold along with baked goods, confectionaries and more at the May Court Christmas Market that the Aberdeen Artisans plan and hold in November.